Shopkins Toys and Merchandise: Why People Are So in Love With Them?

Shopkins are toys created by Moose Toys and they are a very popular new line of toys for kids, particularly girls of all ages. Shopkins are ultra cute and they are ultra tiny. They have taken many households by storm.

Shopkins are not solely a girl’s toy but approximately 70 percent of children that play with Shopkins are girls. Shopkins are small grocery-themed characters. They are a major hit with children because they can collect, share, mix, match and trade their Shopkins with one another.

Currently, there are five seasons of Shopkins characters available for purchase as well as books, clothing and other accessories. In addition to the tiny rubber character collections, there are several enjoyable Shopkins cartoons available on YouTube.

Warning – Choking Hazard – Children Under 3

This toy is not suitable for ages under 3 years. It contains one or more of the following items: marbles, small ball, or small parts.

Shopkins Product Description

Shopkins come in sets. The characters are made from small, painted rubber or plastic pieces. Shopkins have baby-like features. They have big, soft eyes and oversized faces. Shopkins do not usually have other body parts besides hands and feet.

Each and every Shopkin has their own name. They are further classified into categories such as Pantry, Bakery, Fruit and Veggie, Sweets, Dairy, Party Food, Health, Beauty, Frozen (clear), and Limited Edition.

Shopkins Are Highly Acclaimed

In 2015, Shopkins were named the Girl’s Toy of the Year. According to an industry-tracking firm NPD Group, Shopkins are the fastest-growing company in their category.

Shopkins have also been given recognition with top industry awards such as TTPM’s Holiday 2014 Most Wanted List, Toy Insider “Hot 20” for 2014 and Savvy Auntie Coolest Toy Award 2014.

Why Do Parents And Children Love Shopkins?

Parents like you enjoy Shopkins because they are very cute, especially affordable and tons of fun for children. Parents enjoy watching their children play for hours, using their imaginations to give personalities to these tiny toys.

Play sets like the Bakery/ Fruit Stand extend the kids playtime as they use their imagination to to create all kinds of stories and scenarios! The play sets allow kids to shop, check out and use the cart to shop and bag their items.

The low price point of Shopkins enables you to purchase Shopkins frequently without breaking your pocket book. Children can also save up their own money to purchase Shopkins.

Shopkins are extremely appealing to little girls because they are small and easy to carry around to show their friends. Shopkins come in all sorts of neat, bright colors and finishes. Children have a great time trading them with each other.

For kids, Shopkins become a game that friends play with each other and the kids will want to collect them all. “Once you shop, you can’t stop” is how children feel when they play with Shopkins.

It is also the company’s motto. It has become very clear that Shopkins are so much more than a toy. They have become a phenomenon.

  • Cute pieces finished with paint, glitter, clear, or metallic
  • Each collection has varying degrees of rarity, from common to ultra-rare
  • New textures, details and surprises
  • New blind bags with each season
  • Shopping carts and baskets included with each Shopkin
  • Exclusive playsets
  • Very low prices for shopkins collections (price range $4.00 – $35.00 per pack)
  • Five seasons/collections of shopkins available
  • Shopkins Shopville app to earn and redeem Shopkins Dollars
  • Seasonal character guide to help keep track of the Shopkin collection

How Many Shopkins Are There In Total?

You may wonder how many total Shopkins are out there. That is a great question and many parents have asked the very same thing. It is also a difficult question to answer because there is such a diverse array of Shopkins characters created within the Shopkins world.

Currently, there are five seasons with a combined total of about 900 Shopkins. It can be pretty difficult to keep track of so many Shopkins! Each Shopkins collectible comes with a guide to all of the Shopkins for that season. In order to meet the demands for Shopkins, Moose Toys produces over five million Shopkins per week.

Shopkins Digital Entertainment

The Shopkins website is also a favorite amongst kids. The website is a digital Shopkins world in which your children can browse and meet all of the Shopkins.

Also, children really enjoy the free Shopkins Shopville app available for download through iTunes and Google Play. This component of Shopkins is both important and brilliant.

Kids love a story and they like to have a place they can go to where they can learn more about their favorite Shopkins characters as well as interact with them. Kids then use their imaginations to create their own stories.


Prices can be ridiculous for a children’s play set. Shopkins are a great option if you are looking for a low-priced, highly sought-after play set that will stimulate your child’s imagination. Your child can build her or his collection over time without much strain on your monthly budget.

So, where can you buy these unique, affordable toys for your child? Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us and Boscov’s are our top 5 picks on what stores to buy Shopkins products from. Amazon is the number one place for parents to locate Shopkins because many parents report a sparse selection of shopkins in brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Shopkins are a hot commodity right now and there are ways you can avoid the hunt for Shopkins. Amazon’s 2-day shipping makes finding and purchasing rare Shopkins a breeze.

The Shopkins family will continue to expand as demand for Shopkins continues to increase. Get your child immersed in the Shopkins world and watch her or his imagination take flight.

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Gift Giving and Receiving Etiquette

Are you ready for the holiday shopping season? The holidays bring with them comfort, joy, and a lot of stress. Although Christmas is a joyous day, you have to spend the weeks before shopping around for the right gift. I like to ensure that I get the best gift for everyone.

If you are like me, you know how stressful that can be. You have to spend money and browse hundreds of stores online and locality to find these gifts. In most cases, it always works out for the best. After finding the gifts, you now have to navigate through the gift giving and receiving etiquette. It can often feel burdensome as you walk on eggshells to try and get everything right.

Part of the gifting process is where you decide who exactly ought to get a gift from you. On the surface, it may seem quite natural. However, after you step outside your immediate family, it turns into a nightmare. Should you get gifts for all your friends or just the ones you have known for years? Should you get big gifts for some or small ones for everyone?
Here are some basic tips on how you can get through the quagmire that is gift giving around the holidays.

Ask If You Have To

These questions plague everyone just before Christmas. They are easy to answer for friends with whom you have exchanged gifts for years. What about new friends, will you get them gifts?

There lies the conundrum. If you get your new friends gifts and they do not get you one, you will feel bad. Your friend will feel guilty that he or she did not get you anything. Sometimes, the most natural solution to this problem is to ask. However, this presents a new problem. It implies that you are selfish and you will only buy gifts for those who purchase gifts for you. However, it is still better to ask, especially for people you have not been friends with you for too long.

Take Time and Find the Right Gift

Once you decide who to give gifts to, you have to find the right gift. I happen to be good at finding the right gifts. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find the right gift for everyone, and it is not always perfect. However, I like to think that I was thoughtful in finding the gift and it shows that I genuinely care about that person.

To get the right gift, just examine the kind of stuff they have in their house. Take time and reflect on all the things they have told you they like over the years. Maybe even do a bit of stalking on social media.

All that you need to do to give a great gift is some dedication and creativity. A good example would be, if you know your brother loves Star Wars and coffee, then you need to get him a coffee mug shaped like a Storm Trooper’s helmet or Star Wars playing cards. It might not be expensive, but at least it shows you know a bit about him.

That is why I find it mind blowing when people just give a gift card or cash or some generic gift for Christmas. However, I am okay with giving gift cards if you give them for something special like a clothes store, where you know they love a specific brand. It is especially practical since picking real clothes can be a significant challenge.
Additionally, you can give a gift card as part of the gift. If a gift card is the only gift, it is not okay. However, older people who have no idea what young people want can get away with it. Besides, you have to know something about someone if you are thinking of gifting him or her.

Do Not Leave the Price Tag On

Do not leave the price tag in place as it sends a negative message that you value price over anything else. It is the worst way to give a gift. It makes the other person feel guilty, especially if they did not get you such an expensive gift.
If necessary, you can send the gift with the receipt. That is, if the person did not like your gift, they could get something different from the store. It is especially appropriate when purchasing gifts like shoes. Sometimes, you may get the shoe size or color wrong.

Ensure You Get the Presentation and Wrapping Right

Ensure the wrapping is simple but elegant. The best way to present a gift is to avoid bright, bold colors and patterns. You should also avoid substantial fancy ribbons on the packaging. Instead, use stately solid colors, high-quality paper, and a simple ribbon.

The presentation is also outstanding. When presenting the gift, ensure you have the person’s full attention. Hold the gift in both hands and present it to them. This ritual shows the utmost care and respect. It also pays if you have a smile on your face when you give it. If you are sending the gift by mail, always ensure that there is a personal note included.

Be Sensitive About Culture And Corporate Logos

We live in a society of diverse cultures where some things may be quite offensive to some people. Before gifting someone, learn about his or her religious, ethnic, and cultural background. Additionally, determine the person’s likes and dislikes based on that.

Understand what may be considered appropriate in some cultures and what is not before giving the gift. For instance, giving expensive wine to some people may be regarded as offensive. It may be because their religion or culture does not allow them to take wine.

Another example is giving a gift to an Indian female friend. When a man gives a gift to a female, he must say that the present came from him and a female relative. Otherwise, it may create tension in the room and ruin the entire evening. You would never know about this unless you did some serious research.

You also need to think about corporate logos. In some cases, sending a gift that has a corporate log makes it look cheap. An excellent gift to give is one that does not have any promotional material on it. Logos are only appropriate for small tokens.

Avoid Giving alcohol

Even without any cultural considerations, alcohol is a bad gift. It used to be quite common in the past that a friend would buy you an expensive bottle of liquor. In the modern setting, it just seems inappropriate and should be avoided. With more people becoming aware of alcoholism and its detrimental effects, alcohol giving is not okay.

Be Appreciative

Be appreciative. I am not talking about sending a simple email or a thank you note. Although phone calls, emails and thank you notes are essential; they are not enough. I understand that the present you get is probably not what you have wanted all of your life. However, you have to appreciate that the giver spent long hours trying to find you that gift.

If you do not get what you expected, you do not have to jump up and down to show appreciation. However, you can still show some appreciation instead of making the giver feel like they did something wrong. It is vital to remember that the person who gave you the gift was not obliged to do it.

Some people think that not only are they entitled to get a gift but are also entitled to get the gift they want. If you think you should get what you need, maybe you should not rely on the present and go out and get it yourself.

Get the Thank You Card Right

Thank you cards are an essential part of gift giving etiquette. However, you need to make sure you get them right. Instead of just sending an email or text, a thank you card shows you put some effort into it.

If you get a gift card, ensure that you tell the giver how you spent the money. This move gives them an idea of what to get you in the future. You can also describe how the gift you receive helped you. For instance, if they buy you a new phone, tell them how much fun you had taking pictures with it.

The important part about the thank you note is that you have to be specific. There is no deadline as to how soon you can send the card. However, the sooner you can do it, the better.

Know Whether You Should Open the Gift Right Away

In American culture, it is the norm to open the gift as soon as you receive it. Do not merely tear away at the wrapping if you choose to open the presents right away. Sometimes, there may be a personal note under the wrapping that could fall off.

In some cultures, the norm is to keep the gift and open it later when you are alone. If you are in another country or celebrating with friends of a different culture, you may have to wait. Ensure that you understand the etiquette of opening gifts before you attend the party. That way, you do not offend anyone.

If you are receiving gifts from a person of Asian descent, the norm is to keep the present and open it later. Do this, especially if they invited you to their place to celebrate Christmas or any other holiday.

Always Open the Card First

When you get the gift, unwrap it slowly and open the card. It shows you are more interested in the sentiment rather than just the present. Be sure that you read the card to yourself. The message was meant for you and not everyone in the room.
Reading it aloud could cause the person to blush or feel uncomfortable about writing such a personal message. When opening gifts from many people, ensure that you announce who the giver is. After reading the note, look at the person with a smile and say thank you.


It is time to begin preparing for gift giving as the holidays are upon us. Please study this essential gift-giving guide and see if you can make the holidays magical and joyous for everyone. However, you must remember it is not the gift that counts but the thought behind it. Take time and put some real effort into the gifts you give.


Gift Giving in the Workplace

Safe and Creative Gift Giving in the Workplace
Office gift-giving can almost seem hazardous if you are not sensitive enough to the feelings of others. It also means that this is a great way to form bonds with your coworkers while also being appropriate and tasteful. Whether or not the gift is for your boss, your coworker, or a subordinate, you can pick out the perfect, appropriate gift for the workplace.

First, learn what is absolutely off-limits for all workplace gifts. Then, think about the position of the receiver relative to you in the business. That is very important because positions in companies can be compromised by inappropriate behavior.

Things to Avoid

First, let us look at what you can do to avoid obviously unsuitable gifts. Avoid all of the following:
Anything Sexual in Nature. All sexually explicit or related material should be avoided, no matter how much you think they might enjoy the joke.
Anything Referring to Private Parts or Cuss Words. Even if your office commonly uses cuss words or vulgar expressions, it is important to rise above this habit when gift giving. Instead, think of classy and high-quality items.

Obviously Gender-based Gifts. If you keep even items like flowers and chocolate in the unisex category, your gifts will remain tasteful. Cheap, stereotypical styles can be annoying or irritating.

Political Gifts, Jokes, or Pranks. Even if your gift receiver is obviously and openly favoring a political position, it is inappropriate to give any kind of gift with a political theme. Politics of any type should be avoided in social gatherings where the arguments can become heated.
Put-downs and Insults. Don’t hurt anybody’s feelings, no matter how much you think they deserve it. You never know what type of day, month or year they are having.

Age-related Humor. Twenty years old or eighty years old, there is no age when you can give an age-related gift, humorous or not.
These social problems can be fixed ahead of time by avoiding the gifts listed above.

Safe Gifts for Your Boss

There are two reasons why your boss can be a tricky gift receiver. First, if they are your mentor or role model, it can be tempting to offer them something powerful, deep, ultra-respectful or over lavish. You want them to know what a positive impact they have made in your life. You want to show them the deep appreciation you hold for them. This is nice, but you must only show and say what is necessary to get the basic message across. Anything deep or extraneous can show too much of an emotional connection or a deeper attachment than what is appropriate for the workplace.

The second reason why it can be difficult to give a gift to your boss is the pressure from your job requirements. If you are temporarily doing poorly at your job, this can feel like a pressure trap. If you are doing well, this can feel like a great way to either stay on top or to drop in the eyes of your boss.

Safe gifts for your boss. Just remember that the act of giving any gift at all, especially a functional one, is a nice thing to do. Simply notice the office or job site tools which your boss already uses and then get them a new one in a bright color or a fun new pattern.

Creative Gifts for Your Coworkers

Your coworkers can be your friends, your frenemies, or just acquaintances. If your coworker is a friend, it may be tempting to share a dirty joke, a funny prank, or some other goofy friendship gift with them. However, they may be opening their gift in front of the rest of your mutual coworkers and two things can happen:

First, you can do or say something which your coworker does not remember is a shared joke. This can lead to miscommunication or other awkward encounters afterward.

Second, your other coworkers can view your awesome gift to your friend and feel left out when they receive or give more standard, casual gifts. Your work involves getting along with everyone, and it is unwise to compromise this by being obvious about playing favorites.

Creative gifts for your coworkers can be joke-bumper stickers, joke keychains, funny t-shirts, gifts from museum gift shops, and funny items related to your city.

It is okay to play favorites if it is done subtly. Any blatant or obvious show of favoritism will elicit strong dissent from the crowd. Particularly in first-world nations, people naturally view the social and political elite as being on par with the lowliest worker bee. Therefore, be a leader in your workplace by being nice to everyone, not just your friends. Treat your other coworkers with respect by not appearing “too chummy” with anyone in particular.

Safe Gifts for Subordinates

Buying gifts for subordinates can be particularly tricky, because you may not realize how much your position of power affects the people below you on the corporate ladder. Your gifts should be tasteful, reasonably priced, and impersonal.

  • Tasteful gifts include small wooden or enamel boxes, a nice pen set, a pretty letter opener, or set of floral or bordered stationery.
  • Reasonably priced gifts include a colorful, non-romantic bouquet of flowers, taking them out to lunch with fellow coworkers, or a nice, friendly card.
  • Impersonal gifts include a gift certificate to their favorite store, a reasonably priced treat for their pet, or the latest season of their favorite TV show.

Subordinates are sensitive creatures and must be handled with gentility and caution. Miscommunication can easily occur, even in standard gift-giving practices, and it is important that your gifts never send the wrong message. If your subordinate is doing a good job, give them specific praise for specific work done. Do not make overall statements of generalization lest they are misunderstood. Also, always make sure that your praise is given verbally, not in writing where it can be up for debate.

Standard Corporate Gifts

Gifts given to a corporate beneficiary of any type or given from a corporation to an individual must be both extravagant and impersonal. Large bouquets of flowers, dinner parties held in their honor, and/or a golf or tennis getaway are fairly standard corporate gifts, for both giving and receiving. Always make sure that the entire gift is given in its entirety, without any expectation of coworkers, employers, or other personnel joining the receiver in the gift.

Any misunderstanding on the part of the recipient can equal at best a misunderstanding and at worse a lawsuit. Be tasteful, respectful, and impersonal about the act of corporate giving.

If there is a question over whether the recipient would like that particular gift, then it is wise to give them the option of accepting a cash value the size of the gift, instead. This allows them to have options without having to give their golf resort weekend up to someone who actually plays golf. Be sensitive to the needs of the recipient and allow them to have options in how they receive their gift.

Sometimes, large businesses stage competitions with prizes in order to drum up business. All prizes should be approved by your company’s public relations officer.

Small Business Favors

Business favors usually entail benefits outside of regular wages and insurance provided by an employer. These are usually known as “perks” and can be part of an employment agreement. However, at unplanned times throughout the year, a company may have an unexpected influx of cash or benefits and may wish to distribute some favors or “perks” to its employees.

Perks can come in a variety of options from which to choose, including paid vacations, extra vacation time, triple-paid overtime, health insurance, dental plans, a company-wide trip to a resort, extended maternity/paternity leave, etc. If your company wishes to offer several benefits from which to choose, it may be wise to distribute a memo which details how each benefit can be used and how long it will be.


Safe and creative gift giving in the workplace can be both enjoyable and a bit tricky. Understand that not everyone interprets the same gift equally, and getting feedback for ideas from their friends and colleagues may be the best idea. In the world of the job site, a small misunderstanding can lead to a big consequence. By getting their colleagues involved in the decision making, you are ensuring that communication will be used functionally. Good hunting for your perfect gift!