How To Save Money At Walmart: 11 Simple Ways Savvy People Shop

You are probably one of the many who frequent Walmart. Walmart is one of the biggest and best superstores around. You can get your oil changed, have lunch, pick up school clothes for the kids, and also get your groceries before you leave.

Who needs the mall anymore? Walmart has everything you could ever want and then some. Even the savviest buyer cannot get out of the store without spending at least $100.

With today’s average family trying to cut costs wherever possible, you may wonder how to save money at Walmart. Getting a discount, even of the smallest amount, is always helpful.

Here are some tried and true ways that you can reduce your grocery bill and your overall cost when shopping with this mega giant.

1: How Walmart’s Price Matching Works

One of the things that Walmart does for their customers is price matching. If you find a lower price at a Kroger, Costco, Piggly Wiggly, Target, or any other store; they will match their price.

They do have some limitations on their price matching kindness, though. If the item is part of a buy-one-get-one-free sale, or a percentage off, they will not accept those adds. Any ad that doesn’t have the price clearly marked, like buy 10 pay for 5, will also not be accepted.

Walmart doesn’t have the shopping cards that so many other stores have, but they do give some great deals. Be sure to scan your ads before you go shopping. They will match an oil change or even a pair of jeans too.

For instance, if Target has Wrangler Jeans on sale for $15 a pair, Walmart will also give you those jeans for $15. Any store within a 60 miles radius can be price matched with an ad in hand.

2: How Walmart’s Couponing Works

Coupons are an excellent way to save money at Walmart. Unlike other large supermarkets, Walmart doesn’t have a limit on how many coupons you can use. If you are one of those people who buy 10 Sunday papers, you can use 10 of the same coupons to buy oatmeal or some other treat.

The coupons are usually for processed foods, and they cannot be used on fresh produce, meats, or the deli. However, if you have any overage on your coupons, Walmart will apply that to the rest of your bill.

Overages occur when the coupon exceeds the price of the product. So, let’s say you price match razors from CVS for $2.50 at Walmart. The coupon you have is for $3.00 off the razors. Walmart will apply the .50 cents to the rest of your order.

Though finding these kinds of sales is like a needle in a haystack, it can be done. Be sure to read up on their coupon policy before shopping with coupons.

Don’t limit your couponing to just the Sunday paper either. Online coupon printing sites are all the rage these days. Be careful, though, Walmart will only let you use one printed coupon of the same kind per transaction. While they have no limited on the actual newspaper coupons, they are a bit pickier on the printed ones.

Make sure you use a reputable online coupon company, like

3: How Savings Catcher Works

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For both in the store and online purchases, using the Savings Catcher system is wise. This is an app that you download to your smartphone. After any shopping trip to Walmart, simply scan your receipt into the app. The app will immediately compare the receipt with other retailers in your area.

If they find a better price on the items you have purchased, they put the money in an account for you. You can cash out the account whenever you want. It is really easy to rack up some serious money by using this program.

4: Look For The Clearance Aisle

It really pays to visit the store often. Walmart is known for rolling back prices and keeping things relatively low. They are not against marking things down to $1.00 or even .10 cents. Almost every Walmart in the world has a system for their clearance.

Most have a huge aisle where everything gets piled. Some have big clearance balloons that drawn customers to the area. One thing is true, when Walmart marks things down, they really mark them down. They have some of the best sales around.

5: Shop Early and Know Your Stores Mark Down Routine

The old saying the “early bird gets the worm” definitely applies here. Most stores mark down their meats, produce, and bakery goods at 7 am. Those who get to the store before 8 am have a large selection of half-priced items. These “reduced for quick sale” items still have plenty of life left in them, but Walmart just needs to get something for them before they become garbage. You can freeze meats for months, and produce can be frozen too.

Find out when your local store does their markdowns, and you need to shop early. You can save a ton of money this way. Don’t just browse the food aisles either, they also mark down clothes, shoes, and other items too.

6: Order Groceries Online

If you are one of the lucky ones that live near a Walmart that does online grocery ordering, you can save real money. There are always coupons on the internet to save $10 off of a purchase of $50 or more. Not only can you avoid the crowds altogether, buy you can save money in the process.

7: $4.00 Prescriptions Can Save Big Money

If you do a cost comparison to Walmart and the other pharmacies in your area, you will find that their $4.00 prescription plan is hard to beat. In fact, they have a huge list that includes any kind of medication you can think of. Those who are tired of paying high prices for their medications can find great savings through the Walmart Pharmacy.

8: Apply For A Walmart Credit Card

Getting a Walmart credit card is a great way to save money. Not only do they give you a free gift for signing up, but they run all kinds of specials. Most of the time, their special is 10 percent off the first purchase if approved. The cashiers can do the application, or there is a special booth set out up front.

Having a Walmart Credit Card also earns other bonuses too. You save 3 percent off all your purchases when you use your card. If you spend a ton of money at this store like most people do, you can find the credit card is a great way to get some serious returns.

9: Get Walmart Discount Gift Card – Fuel Rewards

The Walmart gift card offers big ways to save. Since most Walmart Supercenters have a gas station, there is an opportunity to fill up for a better cost. If you purchase a shopping card inside the store, you can use those cards to pay for your gas.

The real gem here is they will give you between .02-.03 cents off per gallon. If the gas is $2.19, you would only have to pay about $2.16. It may not be huge savings, but when the gas prices are high, it’s a great way to get some money off of a fill-up.

10: Rebate Savings

Many products offer rebates for using them. Be sure to save your Walmart receipt and send in your rebate. There are numerous rebates that range in the $5-$10 range on the larger products. It takes about five minutes to fill out the form and mail it. However, getting checks in the mail is a great way to get money back into your pocket.

11: Cyber Sales

Each Walmart has a different management team and pricing regulations. However, the online center is a whole different ballgame. They often have cyber sales that don’t extend to the store. There are all kinds of “hidden deals” that are not advertised online.

While some of the stores will honor the online price, others will not. You can take advantage of those cyber sales, and you can have the products shipped to the store for free. Also, if you want to pay .99 cents for shipping, it gets most items sent to your home. Check the website often for internet only deals.

You Can Save So Much At Walmart

If you can learn to use these items, or combinations of these items together, you can learn how to save massive amounts of money. Using coupons with sales ads from other stores, then entering the receipt into the savings catcher system, adds up to one huge discount on your shopping trip.

Next time you visit your local supercenter, be sure to take some extra time and browse. You just never know what clearance item is lurking on a shelf that you cannot live without. Walmart is definitely a good place to get a great deal.

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10 Simple ways You Can Save Money At Target

Shopping at Target can be super convenient. But did you know that Target isn’t just known for its convenience? There’s literally many ways you can maximize your savings and keep even more money in your pocket while shopping at

Check out this list of deals and coupons that Target offers through its website, app and email newsletter. The best part is that you don’t even need to leave your couch to snag these deals. All you need is a little know-how, a few apps and you’re ready to get your experience started.

So let’s begin:

How to Save Money Shopping At Target

1: Target Markdown Schedule

Every department has a special deal day . If you’re looking to purchase something specific, wait until that deal day to make your purchase. Each weekday brings a new deal.The days to keep an eye out for are generally Mondays and Thursdays which offer products from the most departments.

2: Sign Up for Newsletter

sign up for the Target newsletter. Target will send daily and weekly emails to your inbox to alert you of all kinds of deals. These are often season or departmental deals, but sometimes they also offer flash sales too.

They often send coupon codes to your inbox as well as codes for free shipping. Sometimes they even give you the heads-up when they’re going to start a major sale; that way, you’ll know when the sales starts several days in advance and can plan accordingly.

This next tip is a must:

3: Sign Up for Target Cartwheel app

You’ll get access to all of Cartwheel’s couponsSimply click on the coupons you want to use, and you’ll get a code you can use to apply your coupons at checkout. You can even double up your Cartwheel coupons with Target coupons and manufacturer’s coupons. Whew!

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4: Take Advantage of Target’s online Coupons

You can print coupons online for in-store purchases to save on everything from groceries to essentials. You can also combine the Target coupons with manufacturer coupons and Target Cartwheel (see below) to maximize your savings. All your coupons in one handy little app? It’s like Target wants you to get stuff for really cheap.

5: Shop the Daily Deals

Everyday adds select daily deals to their website. Log on to before each online shopping trip to discover what’s on sale for that day.Past offers have included 10 percent off TVs, 25 percent off sports equipment and 5 percent off diapers.

6: Shop the Target Brands

Shop-the-Target-BrandsTarget has its own generic brands that cost substantially less than name brands. The recipes and formulas for most of their brands are definitely quality contenders with the brand name products.

The target food marketplace brand is sold under the names Archer Farms and Market Pantry, the beauty and health brands are sold under the name Up & Up, the home goods brands are sold under the names Room Essentials and Threshold and the clothing brand is sold under the name Xhilaration.

These brands offer great products at value prices. Keep your eyes out for them when shopping at

7: Seasonal Clearance Sales

Just after a season or right in the middle of a season is the best time to buy seasonal items. Christmas and holiday items start to go on sale in mid-December and stay on sale until the end of January. Summer items start going on sale in August and stay on sale until they are sold out.

Autumnal decorations and home good go on sale around October and stay on sale until the beginning of December. After big sales, Target donates unsold items to Goodwill, so keep an eye out for bulk deals at your local Goodwill stores.

8: Apply for a Target Card and Save 5% (or more) on Purchases Every Day

Target cardholders are offered a huge variety of great deals. All Target cardholders get 5 percent back on all purchases. They always get free shipping and in-store pickup. They receive 10 percent off their first purchase.

You also get bonus points if you fill prescriptions at Target. For each prescription you fill, you get an extra 5 percent off your purchases made that day.

You can even stack your percentages and your coupons and your Cartwheels. That’s a lot of savings. Just remember to pay the balance off every month in full – or you’ll be stuck with huge interest rates that will totally negate your awesome savings.

9: Buy Discounted Gift Cards

You can save a lot of money by purchasing your gift cards online from

10: Keep an Eye Out for Free Shipping

Save on shipping costs by keeping your eyes peeled for free shipping days. The best way to do this is to sign up for the newsletter. Target also often offers free shipping when you spend over a certain amount of money – usually $25 – in one purchase.

You can also choose to ship all your purchases to your closest Target store. This is always free, and it’s much better than shopping at Target altogether.

An employee will wander around the store and back stockrooms to find your items. They put everything in shopping bags at customer service and send you a text when everything is ready. You simply bring your confirmation code to customer service and pick up your items.


You don’t need to miss out on deals at Target just because you’re shopping online. Save money and get money back by following a few steps to ensure your experience rivals your in-store shopping bliss.

Featured image attribution: by Mike Mozart

How to Bargain for Better Deals on Everyday Goods

If the idea of haggling for a lower price seems too intimidating, it’s most likely because you haven’t tried it. According to Consumer Reports, only 48 percent of people tried to haggle for a deal on their goods and services. That’s a ton of people missing out on lower prices.

#1: Be Knowledgeable

It’s important that you know the average price of the product as well as what other retailers are offering for the same item. This knowledge helps you when it comes time to negotiate. Ask if they’ll price match against their competitors. This can be a great way to ease yourself into haggling for better prices.

Actionable Tip: Do your homework and have fliers or the other website on your phone to show the salesperson.

#2: Make a Connection

You can’t walk right up to someone and blurt out the price you’re willing to spend. Let the salesperson get to know you a little. Ask their name and make a solid connection. Ask them questions to show your interest. Once they’ve invested some time into their pitch, allow the talk to circle money. Give yourself enough time in the store or market to have these conversations and deepen the connection between you and the salesperson or merchant.

Actionable Tip: See what they have to offer. Actually listen to the clerk’s speech since you’ll want to know about the features too. It’ll help when you move on to the actual negotiating part of the transaction.

#3: Reasons to Negotiate

Many large retailers are not going to negotiate. Places like Walmart or Best Buy will price match, but they’re not going to be as amenable to haggling as a local independent store. If you’re a loyal customer, be sure that’s part of the negotiation. You want to give them reasons to negotiate with you. Tell them you shop locally to support mom and pop stores.

Actionable Tip: Explain that you always shop local, or that you frequent the shop often. Small, independent shops appreciate loyal customers.

#4: Anxious Sellers

When it comes to homes and cars, motivated, anxious sellers are more willing to negotiate. They might need the money quickly, or they have to move immediately for work. You can often see the signs as they’re stressed or visibly anxious to sell. They might come across as impatient, but don’t let that impatience deter you from making your pitch.

Actionable Tip: Ask why they’re selling. Check to see if there’s any sign that they would be willing to take a lower price. If it’s a car, offer a quick sale on the spot for less than their asking price.

#5: List the Flaws

If there are obvious flaws, point them out to the sales person. Ask for a discount based on those flaws. If you notice them, so will another customer. You should be the one to get the deal. Dents, dings, open packages, missing items are all reasons to ask for a deal on the merchandise. Even missing items are not deal breakers. You can easily replace a cord or a missing piece with another one.

Actionable Tip: The sales clerk might not be the right employee to haggle with, and in that case, you should ask for a floor manager.

#6: Be Willing to Walk Away

When you threaten to take your business to someone else, make sure you’re willing to do that. If you’re trying to get a better deal on cable, threaten to go to the dish company, but be willing to make the switch. Trained sales staff can usually tell when someone is bluffing. You can still ask for a deal, but before threatening to leave, be careful that that is what you want to do.

Actionable Tip: When threatening to change providers, cancel your service. Sometimes, the provider will come back in a few days with a better offer. Make sure they have your email to send you offers.

#7: Silence as a Tactic

After a dealer has announced the price, hold your tongue for a few minutes. The silence will make them wonder if they should present another price. It’ll cause them to question themselves. It’s what the police do with suspects. Most people want to fill that awkward silence.

Actionable Tip: If you have a poker face, this is a perfect tactic. Don’t over-exaggerate your facial features. Just look bland and unconvinced.

#8: Cash Discounts

In small stores, credit card and transaction fees can be expensive. Even stalls at flea markets or little kiosks in the mall might be willing to take cash for the product at a lower cost. In the end, it saves money for you and the dealer.

Actionable Tip: Always ask about discounts or savings for using cash. It might not work in a big box store, but small retailers can save.

#9: Deals on Multiples

Whether it’s a necklace or a refrigerator, ask if you can get a deal on buying more than one of the same item. Buying in bulk almost always results in a deal for both you and the seller. If you’re at a market or kiosk, the items don’t have to be the same. You can ask about buying a necklace and a pair of sunglasses for a discount.

Actionable Tip: Take a friend or family member who needs large items. You can each get a savings if you need a new washing machine or other household appliance.

#10: Don’t be Enthusiastic

Once you’ve given away that you must have an item, all your negotiating power has gone out the window. It’s helpful if you don’t chat with your companions about how much you need the item before moving in on the clerk. It’s likely that he or she has already heard you, and made up their mind about the price they’ll ask you to pay.

Actionable Tips: Keep your face and voice neutral, or you’ll risk paying full price or more for an item. This is especially true if there’s no price and the dealer sees your reaction.

Practice Your Haggling Techniques

To employ the best haggling skills, you should practice. Start small by asking for price matching in your local stores. Go to flea markets and thrift stores where the dealers expect negotiations. Normally, they love to haggle, which is why they’re in the business.

Once you’ve negotiated long enough with a dealer, and they’ve accepted your offer, it’s rude to walk away from the sale. Don’t start negotiations with a dealer when you don’t plan on purchasing the item. If the price is still too high, don’t be afraid to walk away from the person.

Give yourself enough time to really talk to the salesperson or dealer. This shouldn’t be a rushed exchange. Practice in every situation where you’re spending your hard-earned dollars. The worst that can happen is the clerk tells you no. That certainly isn’t the worst thing to ever happen to you in your life.


Amazon Money Saving Tips: 30 Ways to Save [The Ultimate Guide]

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a multitude of easy-to-accomplish suggestions for saving a ton of money when you shop through Amazon?

As it turns out, the industry-leading online retailer employs dozens of ways to bring the savings to their customers, but many of these methods are often overlooked by those who lack either the knowledge of the deals or the time to search for them manually.

In order to help you discover your true saving potential, we’ve outlined a few of the most effective yet simple ways to save while shopping with Amazon.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”” rel=”no” theme=”light”]1. Amazon Gold Box

Amazon Gold Box is a center of the best deals and bargains on Amazon, all brought conveniently under a single list. This is a great way for you to find affordable gifts at the last minute, or to find a deal on your own treasure.

The Deal of the Day is always hand-selected from the best in electronics, home and kitchen, sporting goods, tools, and more.

There are also Lightning Deals that are only available at a discounted rate for a limited time. Hundreds of other Amazon products are available in the Savings and Sales section, which provides a nice cross-section of products from their massive inventory. You should check the Amazon Gold Box page every day for the newest deals.

2. Warehouse Deals

Amazon Warehouse Deals is a service that offers open-box Amazon products at drastically reduced rates. Open-box simply means the original packaging has been damaged, therefore the product can not be sold as new.

This is good news for those who want to save money but would still like the option of purchasing name-brand items. Some items qualify for free shipping under certain circumstances, but there are no warranties on open-box items.

Each item is tested thoroughly before it is put up for sale, which ensures the integrity of the item itself has not been damaged.

You can save quite a bit of money if you are willing to purchase partially damaged packaging.

3. The Outlet Department

Just like many other outlet stores, the Amazon Outlet Department is comprised of many of the best deals on Amazon.

Here you’ll find bargain deals on overstocked items, clearance items, and other heavily marked-down products. You can find pre-owned Amazon electronics, and there are bargains of up to 80% off certain accessories like watches, jewelry, and clothing.

If you’re searching for rock-bottom prices without having to sacrifice quality or convenience, the Outlet Department would be a great place to start.

4. Digital Deals

You may think that Amazon only provides products that you can actually hold and feel as a customer, but their digital library of available media products is out of this world.

With products like the Kindle, which provides unlimited access to a vast library of ebooks, you can be sure that Amazon is not a one-trick pony.

Their Amazon Instant Video service works by streaming content directly to your entertainment device, which puts an incredible selection of movies and TV series at your fingertips.

Buying digital media without a physical format will not only save space in your home, but it will save time and money as well.

5. Amazon Coupons

Coupons are one of the most widely recognized ways to save money on your purchases, but you might wonder how to go about using coupons from an online retailer like Amazon.

The answer is quite simple, since they have their own coupon page where you can clip digital versions of the same deals you might find in the Sunday paper.

Hundreds of other coupon sites offer Amazon coupons as well, so keep your eyes open for deals from sites like Groupon and

6. Amazon Freebies

There are all sorts of freebies that can be found on Amazon if you know where to look. Many examples of free digital media exist on the site, including music, TV shows, apps, and ebooks.

You can even earn free stuff with Amazon Vine Voice, which is a service that allows customers to receive free products in exchange for reviewing those products on the site.

You may even be hired to be a full time reviewer if your reviews are shown to be exceptionally helpful to other customers.

If you are one of those lucky few, you’ll be given the opportunity to receive free products every single month.

7. No-Rush Shipping

It should come as no surprise that expedited shipping costs more for the customer, but those high-end costs can be avoided if you don’t mind waiting a bit for delivery.

As with many online retailers, Amazon offers a tiered range of shipping options that include Overnight, 2-Day, and Standard Ground. Unless you absolutely need something as soon as possible, it’s best to avoid the up-charge shipping options. In many instances, you may even receive free shipping if you are willing to be patient.

Guaranteed 2-Day shipping is included for free with every purchase if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

8. Bypass Minimum Shipping Requirements

Have you ever tried to order something online only to discover that what you’ve chosen isn’t enough to receive any sort of shipping discount?

These discounts often kick in after a certain price threshold has been met. You can actually avoid paying full price for shipping if you find a pre-order item to add to the order.

The additional pre-order cost should push the total over what is required for free or discounted shipping, and in many occasions that pre-order can then be canceled for a refund after your physical products have shipped at the discounted rate.

9. Amazon Prime

For those who use Amazon on a regular basis, Amazon Prime is by far the best way to save money through the site. That may seem counter-intuitive since the program costs $99 per year, but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

For instance, every Amazon Prime user automatically receives free 2-Day shipping on every order they place.

That feature alone will allow the membership to pay for itself with just a few orders. Amazon Prime memberships also include access to Amazon Instant Video, unlimited access to over a million songs on Prime Music, nearly 1 million free ebooks, and early access to the best deals on Amazon.

10. Amazon Family

This feature is actually part of Amazon Prime, so it is available for free to everyone with a Prime membership.

All you have to do is set up a child profile when you sign up for the membership, and you’ll have access to additional family-oriented savings.

For example, Amazon Family provides a 20 percent discount on diapers when they are ordered with the Subscribe and Save system, and all Amazon Family participants can receive a 15 percent discount on their Baby Registry.

You’ll also have access to exclusive family deals and special coupons.

11. Amazon Baby Registry

The Baby Registry feature is available to anyone, but Prime members will receive the best savings when they take advantage of the registry.

In either case, the registry service can be managed from any mobile device, and it provides access to one of the largest selections of baby items available anywhere.

You even have up to 90 days to return items you receive from the registry if they aren’t what you were expecting. Most impressively, you can even select items from sites other than Amazon to add to the registry.

This high level of versatility makes the Amazon Baby Registry one of the most comprehensive and affordable available online.

12. Wedding Registry

Registering for a wedding is quick and easy with the Amazon Wedding Registry. Not only that, but it will save you time and money, while offering rewards that are unavailable elsewhere.

Their Universal Registry feature allows you to add items to your Amazon Wedding Registry that aren’t available through Amazon.

They will even reward you with a wedding gift of their own in the form of discounts on select products from their inventory.

If you happen to be dissatisfied with something you placed on your registry from Amazon’s inventory, you have 180 days to return the product with no questions asked.

13. Amazon Wish List

The Wish List is one of the most well-known features on Amazon, but not everyone is aware of what it can do. The Amazon Wish List is much more than a simple list of products you’ve seen on Amazon that you want to eventually purchase.

It is a comprehensive collection of anything and everything you select for the list, including gift ideas, products you wish to track, and potential purchases.

Your Wish List is fully manageable from any mobile device, and you can choose to organize your list in any number of personalized ways.

14. E-mail Subscriptions from Amazon Deliver

Amazon Deliver is a service that the site uses to distribute information on new deals, product recommendations when new items become available, and amazing gift ideas.

You can choose to personalize your email subscriptions, since there are many subscriptions that are available for each department.

You can select to only receive updates in your favorite category, or you can select a wide range of subscriptions to keep you informed on all the best savings at Amazon.

15. AmazonSmile

This amazing feature is part of a charitable giving initiative taken by Amazon in an effort to raise money for those in need.

The feature works passively, meaning you don’t have to do anything to benefit fromAmazonSmile. Every time you purchase an eligible product through AmazonSmile, a charitable organization of your choice will receive a donation from the purchase cost of the item.

Amazon will make the donation at no cost to you, so it’s exactly like you are donating to your favorite charity directly. When you first use the feature, you’ll be asked which of the many charitable organizations you’d like your donations to go to.

You can change which charity you want to support at any time, and you can use your existing Amazon account with the feature.

16. Amazon Student

If you’re a college student trying to find the best deals on the market, look no further than Amazon.

With Amazon Student Prime, which is free for six months, you’ll receive all the same benefits as an Amazon Prime membership, with several additional features that are aimed at the unique needs of students.

You’ll receive free 2-Day shipping on everything you order, access to Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Music, and you’ll have a selection of campus gear to choose from that will blow other selections out of the water.

You’ll also receive special deals on textbooks, appliances, and other college necessities.

17. Amazon @ Your University

Amazon has partnered directly with many universities in an effort to create a more convenient and affordable experience for college students.

Shopping through an Amazon @ Your University store within the Amazon platform will allow you to earn rewards for supporting your school.

The stores, which are personalized for each school, include branded gear for the university, course materials, and they even offer 1-Day shipping to select areas.

Students need to be able to save every cent they can, and Amazon @ Your University is one of the best ways to cut the expensive costs of college.

18. Amazon Audible Books

If you can’t get enough audiobooks, you’ll save a ton of money by starting a membership withAmazon Audible.

You can start a free trial membership that includes two free audiobooks, and you can cancel your membership at any time and still keep your books. If you decide to keep the low-price monthly membership of $14.95, you’ll get one additional audiobook each month.

Listening to your books is a far more immersive experience than merely reading the words from the page, and you can listen to them through headphones while you perform other tasks.

In addition to the free monthly audiobook you’ll receive with the membership, you will also enjoy a discount of 30 percent on all audiobook purchases.

19. Subscribe and Save On Regular Purchases

Do you often find yourself buying the same exact products with regular precision? If so, you should take advantage of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save feature.

When you create a subscription for your regularly used items, likely toiletries or other basic necessities, you’ll receive a discount on nearly every aspect of the cost. The cost of the product itself is discounted, the shipping is completely free, and you’ll receive your orders automatically at your preset interval.

When you add more items to your subscription, you boost your savings at the same time.

20. TV Price-Match Refund

There are few things more frustrating than buying a product and then instantly seeing that same product on sale or simply cheaper through another retailer.

If that happens with a television you’ve purchased through Amazon, they will refund the difference to you on an Amazon gift card as long as it is within 30 days of your original purchase.

Not only that, but the guarantee extends to Amazon itself. If you purchase a television through Amazon and they place the same television on sale within 30 days, they will issue you a refund of the difference on an Amazon gift card.

21. MyHabit

MyHabit, which is now known as Amazon Fashion, is an online store set in Amazon’s platform that focuses on apparel for men, women, and children of all ages.

Everything you might expect to find in any major department store is available through Amazon fashion, but you’ll notice the absence of a department store price.

When combined with the free shipping available with a Prime account, Amazon Fashion clearly represents a new trend in buying fashion accessories and apparel.

22. Deal Tracker Sites

One of the most efficient ways to find the best deals with Amazon is to use a third party app or website that keeps track of the constantly shifting prices of the Amazon marketplace.

These trackers can help you determine when the best deals will be available, and they can alert you when your favorite products reach a lower price than average.

Many of these sites, like The Tracktor and camelcamelcamel, are free to use and can accessed with a simple web browser. By paying close attention to the price trends, you can deduce the best times to buy, and when to hold off.

23. Amazon Watched Deals

This feature is basically the same thing as a deal tracker, but it is built into the Amazon site.

When you add a product to your Watching list, you can easily see if that product’s price has changed during the time it has been on sale. You can add multiple deals to your Watching list, which makes it that much easier to keep track of everything all at once.

Paying close attention to the subtle nuances of the prices and how they change is the best way to prevent overspending. You can also remove deals from your Watching list if you lose interest in them.

If you use the Amazon app on your phone, you’ll need to allow notifications from the app in order to be kept up to date.

24. Discounted Amazon Gift Cards

In many occasions, companies looking to promote their gift cards will offer an additional secondary gift card, but Amazon is taking another route.

They periodical offer discounted gift cards, which is essentially like giving away money. For instance, they might offer a $50 gift card at the cost of $40. If you know you’re going to be spending your money with Amazon anyway, you may as well invest in the promotion, since each additional gift card is another free $10.

Don’t expect this promotion to be around for very long, though.

Most businesses aren’t in it to give away free cash to their customers on a long term basis.

25. Cashback Sites

There are tons of ways to earn cash-back rewards for shopping through Amazon, including many payment vendors that offer cash-back when you shop through Amazon.

Other vendors, like Discover, are partnered with Amazon so you can use your cash-back rewards directly through their system.

Other third party sites will provide cash-back rewards when you show proof of purchase from Amazon, and those rewards start to add up quickly.

There are many different items that come with cask-back benefits in Amazon’s inventory, and many of those items are common household supplies. You shouldn’t ignore savings options that are presented after the purchase is complete.

26. Take Advantage of AARP Membership

Those with a membership to AARP should use it to their advantage. Amazon offers AARP members discounts on their Amazon Prime membership rates as well as discounts on all Kindle products, ebooks, and other digital media.

This includes the ever-popular Kindle Fire, which is an excellent eReader with a vivid color touchscreen display.

27. Amazon Trade-In

If you’ve got any old products that you no longer want, but they are still in good working order, Amazon will pay you for them. Accepted products include smartphones, tablets, cameras, books, video games, wearable tech, digital music players, movies, and most other electronics.

You’ll be paid in Amazon gift card credit, which is viewable through their site. This is a great way to upgrade your entertainment set-up while preventing waste at the same time.

It may take about 10 days for your product to be accepted after you’ve sent it in for inspection, but after it has been verified you will receive credit for the item.

28. Buy Apps From The Underground

Amazon Underground is a new gaming platform that includes totally free copies of many popular games.

When they say totally free, they mean totally free. A lot of the games available through Amazon Underground have alternate versions on other platforms that cost money, or perhaps they have in-game options that must be purchased with actual money.

These same games are completely free with Amazon Underground, and the list of games available through the Underground Store is only going to continue increasing as the service becomes more popular.

29. Pre-order Price Guarantee

There are occasions when a product that is available for pre-order changes its expected retail price between the time pre-orders are first available and when the item actually goes on sale.

If this is the case, the price almost always increases, but if you pre-order something through Amazon, you will only be charged for the lower amount.

You total cost will never be raised to match the new price if you have previously paid the lower pre-order price.

30. Cheap Add-Ons

One of the greatest things about Amazon is its ability to recommend related products to you, based simply on your purchase and browsing history.

This added convenience shows you the cheapest options laid side by side so you can make the best choice for yourself. This not only saves you the time of having to search for the additional product yourself, but it makes comparison a breeze, since all the info you need is presented in a simple list format.

As your shopping needs evolve, your recommended and add-on product list will change as well, adapting to your needs as they change.

Bottom line

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer, beating out other superstores like Walmart and Target soundly. Part of their success can be attributed to the excellent relationship they have with their customers.

They want to give their customers ways to save money and live intelligently, so they have created numerous opportunities for savings and continued growth. They have become a fixture of the retail space, so much so that even those who rarely shop online know the brand.

As technology continues to advance, more and more people will turn to the internet for their shopping needs, and Amazon is primed to provide for the needs of those multitudes.

They are already a leader in customer satisfaction, and their impressive commitment to providing their customers with affordable products and money-saving options has helped them stay at the forefront of the industry.

Featured image attribution: by Mike Seyfang


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Should You Buy Used Products From Amazon Warehouse Deals?

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Open-box simply means the original packaging has been returned, warehouse-damaged packaging, used or refurbished that is in good condition but the product can not be sold as new.

This is great news for smart frugal shoppers who love saving money buying name-brand items for low prices. Amazon is a trusted online source.

Some Amazon warehouse deals items do qualify for Prime or FREE shipping under certain circumstances, but there are no manufacturer’s warranties. Each item is tested thoroughly and given a specific grade before it is put up for sale, which ensures the integrity of the item itself has not been damaged and all products are backed by amazon’s return policy.

You can save quite a bit of money if you are willing to purchase returned, warehouse-damaged packaging, used or refurbished items that is in good condition.

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