Shopkins Toys and Merchandise: Why People Are So in Love With Them?

Shopkins are toys created by Moose Toys and they are a very popular new line of toys for kids, particularly girls of all ages. Shopkins are ultra cute and they are ultra tiny. They have taken many households by storm.

Shopkins are not solely a girl’s toy but approximately 70 percent of children that play with Shopkins are girls. Shopkins are small grocery-themed characters. They are a major hit with children because they can collect, share, mix, match and trade their Shopkins with one another.

Currently, there are five seasons of Shopkins characters available for purchase as well as books, clothing and other accessories. In addition to the tiny rubber character collections, there are several enjoyable Shopkins cartoons available on YouTube.

Warning – Choking Hazard – Children Under 3

This toy is not suitable for ages under 3 years. It contains one or more of the following items: marbles, small ball, or small parts.

Shopkins Product Description

Shopkins come in sets. The characters are made from small, painted rubber or plastic pieces. Shopkins have baby-like features. They have big, soft eyes and oversized faces. Shopkins do not usually have other body parts besides hands and feet.

Each and every Shopkin has their own name. They are further classified into categories such as Pantry, Bakery, Fruit and Veggie, Sweets, Dairy, Party Food, Health, Beauty, Frozen (clear), and Limited Edition.

Shopkins Are Highly Acclaimed

In 2015, Shopkins were named the Girl’s Toy of the Year. According to an industry-tracking firm NPD Group, Shopkins are the fastest-growing company in their category.

Shopkins have also been given recognition with top industry awards such as TTPM’s Holiday 2014 Most Wanted List, Toy Insider “Hot 20” for 2014 and Savvy Auntie Coolest Toy Award 2014.

Why Do Parents And Children Love Shopkins?

Parents like you enjoy Shopkins because they are very cute, especially affordable and tons of fun for children. Parents enjoy watching their children play for hours, using their imaginations to give personalities to these tiny toys.

Play sets like the Bakery/ Fruit Stand extend the kids playtime as they use their imagination to to create all kinds of stories and scenarios! The play sets allow kids to shop, check out and use the cart to shop and bag their items.

The low price point of Shopkins enables you to purchase Shopkins frequently without breaking your pocket book. Children can also save up their own money to purchase Shopkins.

Shopkins are extremely appealing to little girls because they are small and easy to carry around to show their friends. Shopkins come in all sorts of neat, bright colors and finishes. Children have a great time trading them with each other.

For kids, Shopkins become a game that friends play with each other and the kids will want to collect them all. “Once you shop, you can’t stop” is how children feel when they play with Shopkins.

It is also the company’s motto. It has become very clear that Shopkins are so much more than a toy. They have become a phenomenon.

  • Cute pieces finished with paint, glitter, clear, or metallic
  • Each collection has varying degrees of rarity, from common to ultra-rare
  • New textures, details and surprises
  • New blind bags with each season
  • Shopping carts and baskets included with each Shopkin
  • Exclusive playsets
  • Very low prices for shopkins collections (price range $4.00 – $35.00 per pack)
  • Five seasons/collections of shopkins available
  • Shopkins Shopville app to earn and redeem Shopkins Dollars
  • Seasonal character guide to help keep track of the Shopkin collection

How Many Shopkins Are There In Total?

You may wonder how many total Shopkins are out there. That is a great question and many parents have asked the very same thing. It is also a difficult question to answer because there is such a diverse array of Shopkins characters created within the Shopkins world.

Currently, there are five seasons with a combined total of about 900 Shopkins. It can be pretty difficult to keep track of so many Shopkins! Each Shopkins collectible comes with a guide to all of the Shopkins for that season. In order to meet the demands for Shopkins, Moose Toys produces over five million Shopkins per week.

Shopkins Digital Entertainment

The Shopkins website is also a favorite amongst kids. The website is a digital Shopkins world in which your children can browse and meet all of the Shopkins.

Also, children really enjoy the free Shopkins Shopville app available for download through iTunes and Google Play. This component of Shopkins is both important and brilliant.

Kids love a story and they like to have a place they can go to where they can learn more about their favorite Shopkins characters as well as interact with them. Kids then use their imaginations to create their own stories.


Prices can be ridiculous for a children’s play set. Shopkins are a great option if you are looking for a low-priced, highly sought-after play set that will stimulate your child’s imagination. Your child can build her or his collection over time without much strain on your monthly budget.

So, where can you buy these unique, affordable toys for your child? Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us and Boscov’s are our top 5 picks on what stores to buy Shopkins products from. Amazon is the number one place for parents to locate Shopkins because many parents report a sparse selection of shopkins in brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Shopkins are a hot commodity right now and there are ways you can avoid the hunt for Shopkins. Amazon’s 2-day shipping makes finding and purchasing rare Shopkins a breeze.

The Shopkins family will continue to expand as demand for Shopkins continues to increase. Get your child immersed in the Shopkins world and watch her or his imagination take flight.

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