Best Ways To Hide Puffy Nipples & Get Rid Of Man Boobs Without Surgery

Having man boobs is not a permanent condition. Gynecomastia is a disorder that causes the male breast to swell due to hormonal imbalance, and it affects both boys and men. While it causes discomfort and embarrassment, there are remedies to alleviate the problem without surgery. Having extra fat can also cause one to develop man boobs.

Below are some of the measures to help improve the condition.

How To Make Nipples Not Show In A Shirt for Guys

Use Nipple Covers for Men

When wearing bright clothes, puffy nipples become more visible. It can make one more self-conscious, but nipple covers for men can remedy the issue. Various manufacturers offer the product. However, during purchase, make sure you go for hypoallergenic, medical-grade covers.

You do not want to deal with itchy nipples. Besides, spend money on a brand that utilizes soft, comfortable, breathable material when making nipple covers.

Nipple covers enable users to hide that part of the body to avoid drawing attention to them. They are simple to use, discreet, and you will not even notice that you are wearing them.

They conceal a small part of the body to give you a flat chest appearance. Your nipples will no longer protrude through your shirt. Wear whatever clothes you want; in whichever color and size you like without worrying about people staring at your nipples.

Recommended Nipple Covers for Men:

Wear Men’s Compression Shirts

Are you looking for clothing that covers more than your nipples? You need men’s compression shirts. Manufacturers make them in different designs and colors to give an appealing look around your chest.

The clothing does more than cover gyno nipples. It also hides man boobs or minimizes their appearance to give you an attractive upper body look. The slimming compression shirts are wearable under anything and provide you with a cleaner look.

Recommended Men’s Compression Shirts:

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs Without Surgery

Take Gynecomastia Supplements

Gynecomastia is a condition that occurs due to a hormonal imbalance involving testosterone and estrogen. It affects males and is also called man boobs in simpler terms or moobs.

Women usually secrete high levels of estrogen that contribute to fat deposits in areas such as the breast and minimal amounts of testosterone. On the other hand, males usually have abundant amounts of testosterone that gives them their manly look without boobs. When testosterone levels are low, and estrogen is high, that imbalance can cause one to develop man boobs.

Apart from nipple covers and compression shirts, you can also opt for gynecomastia supplements. They can help bring hormonal balance and reduce chest fat. However, before using any product, make sure you speak to a doctor first to gauge the safety and effectiveness of the item you intend to purchase.

The supplements do not cover nipples or man boobs. However, they work from inside your body to assist in reducing moobs by elevating testosterone amounts in your system. They also burn chest fat to give you a slimmer look.

Recommended Supplements: 

Get Chest Workout Equipment

Testosterone imbalance can cause more fat around the chest and result in one having man boobs. Using chest workout equipment can aid in eliminating fat around this area. Hit the gym and work on your chest to reduce the fat deposits around it.

You can also have chest workout tools in your home and work out at your convenience. They include chest expander, twister bar, arm exerciser, and push down bar.

Using chest workout equipment enables you to lose extra fat and reduce moobs. However, the workouts are also good for your overall wellbeing. As you exercise your torso, you get to burn more calories and boost your health.

Recommended Chest Workout Equipment:

Begin Exercising

Exercising is beneficial for every part of your body. It supports weight loss, fat loss, and general fitness. It provides a lasting solution for man boobs, unlike wearing nipple covers and compression shirts. Gynecomastia supplements might help with fat burning, but you cannot sit around and wait for them to work magic. You need to move, be active, and work out to help your body burn fat faster even as you use the supplements.

As you exercise, you get to lose fat all over your body, including your breasts. Engage in workouts that focus more on your chest. Do push-ups, bench presses, and sprints, among other exercises.

Recommended Workout Programs:

Weight Loss and Diet Plans

Gynecomastia is not the only cause of having man boobs. Being overweight is also a factor. When you gain weight, it happens on every part of your body, including your breasts. You do not need surgery to reduce chest fat when you can follow a weight loss regimen.

Working out is one of the things you can do to lose weight. It does not provide instant results, but with dedication and consistency, you can shed extra weight in your chest and achieve the physique you desire. You do not have to take part in strenuous exercises to drop extra pounds.

Besides workouts, you also need to adhere to a healthy diet plan to lose weight. You cannot exercise while on unhealthy foods and expect to lose weight. Fatty and fast foods lead to weight gain. Meals with trans fats, cholesterol, and simple sugars increase the reading on the scale.

Adhere to a diet plan that involves eating proteins, minimal carbs, and healthy fats. Eat more vegetables and fruits for fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and drink more water for hydration. When craving for sugary food or some fries, have a salad instead.

Eating healthy meals and working out lowers fat amounts in your chest, which reduces moobs. However, exercise and healthy diet plans are beneficial for not only gynecomastia symptoms but also your entire body. Living a healthier lifestyle prevents you from contracting disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

Recomended Men’s Weight Loss Programs:


If you are a guy with this humiliating condition, you are not alone. As many as 70% of teenage boys develop some degree of gynecomastia; however, it usually resolves in a couple of years. Still, the problem can run into adulthood and cause a lot of embarrassment. You may feel that everyone’s eyes are glued to your oversized chest.

You do not need surgery to fix puffy nipples or eliminate man boobs. There are different steps you can take to solve the condition. Whether gynecomastia is the cause of having moobs or extra weight is the problem, you have the power to change that.

Consider using nipple covers to prevent nipples from protruding through your clothes or wear men’s compression shirts for a slimming effect. If not, try gynecomastia supplements and adopt a workout routine while eating healthy meals. Exercise at the gym and invest in some chest workout equipment for at-home workouts.

Best Diversion Safes: 30 Fake Items to Hide Things In

Are you looking for a secure place to keep your valuables? Invest in a quality diversion safe. You cannot have your precious jewelry, vital documents, passports, and money lying around the house. While the market offers regular safes, go for the diversion type. diversion safes allow you to hide essential things in plain sight and make it hard for someone to suspect it is a safe.

Anyone can identify the classic looking safe, as it comes in a rectangular or square shape and may have a key or combination lock. Diversion safes take different shapes, for example, a bolt, a can, or an animal. They serve not only as storage spaces but also as transportation containers. They are available in different materials and sizes to match your needs. Below are 30 of the best diversion safes to consider buying for your stash.

Diversion Safes for Car

Magnetic Stash Box

MiniMag Plus is a magnetic stash box, which makes installation a lot easier. You can use it to set up an under-car GPS tracker, as it is waterproof and all-weather. There is no need to worry about water damaging the device.

The product features a twin magnet assembly, which ensures the case stays in place. It is easy to use and suitable for everyone. Place your items inside, secure the latch, attach the safe to a magnetic surface, and get going. The manufacturer includes a link on the product packaging to allow you to download their Under-Vehicle Placement Guide.


The stash box measures 4.8 by 3.5 by 1.8 inches and provides 16 cubic inches of space to store your tracker, medication, keys, money, and watch, among other things.

Features and Benefits

  • Professional grade with a firm magnetic grip
  • Has an ABS enclosure, stainless steel hinges, and a rubber gasket
  • Includes in-built ultra-strong magnets for secure mounting
  • Has two detachable soft foam inserts for extra protection

HitchSafe Key Vault

With HitchSafe HS7000T, you get a safe that looks like those safety deposit boxes you see in movies. It takes a rectangular shape, where a vault slides into a receiver. The dust cover keeps dirt, dust, and water away from your stash. You can easily set your own combination to lock the box, so no one else can access the contents of the case unless you give them the code.

The slimmer design of the model means it takes up little space, so it can fit in the tiniest of places. Use the safe to store your keys, money, and credit cards when on a road trip, for example. The black color matches well with the bottom of your car, so it will not attract unnecessary attention.


HitchSafe HS7000T’s size is 1.2 by 2.5 by 3.5nches and weighs 1lbs only.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides secure storage for keys; they do not fall off the safe
  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting, with a sturdy solid construction
  • Installation is simple; no tools needed
  • The receiver is made of high impact aluminum

Tire Foam Diversion Can Safe

Are you the kind of person who likes to hide things in common household items? Tire Foam is for you. Store your stash in plain sight, and no one or very few people will notice that it is a safe.

Tire Foam is a fantastic diversion safe. It looks like a room spray, making it hard for someone to guess it is secret storage for your valuables. Use it to hide your money and keys in container disguised as tire foam.


The product has a 5.25-inch height, while the concealed section is 3.25 by 2 inches.

Features and Benefits

  • More affordable than a locked safe
  • Available in a larger size as well
  • Has an unnoticeable screw-off bottom
  • Includes a hidden compartment

Fireproof Diversion Safes

Diversion Hanger Fireproof Safe

If you are looking for a fireproof safe, Diversion Hanger could be what you need. Have your passport, keys, documents, and money in this easy to access storage space. It is also water-resistant, and the manufacturer designs this product to carry letter-sized items. The package you get on delivery or purchase includes a hanger and a free smell-proof bag.

Diversion Hanger entails a large zippered compartment that can hold vital documents. Nonetheless, there are two inner pockets to carry other essentials. This case is great when traveling, as it is small and has inner sections to help you organize the items you are carrying.


It measures 17.5 inches long by 16.5 inches wide.

Features and Benefits

  • Made to hold heavy items
  • High-quality and consists of fiberglass materials
  • Can withstand temperatures of 1200F at most
  • Usable in extreme weather

Fireproof Document Bags

It is nice to be prepared for emergencies like fire. Therefore, spend some money on a fireproof safe that can protect your documents, passport, and cash in case a fire breaks out. Jundun offers you fireproof bags to store cash, A4 documents, and a tablet. It is not only fireproof but also waterproof and comes with a zipper to keep your valuables inside the bag.

The product consists of high-grade, non-itchy silicone fiberglass material. It has room for certificates, letters, CDs, photos, passports, and licenses. Besides, the zipper is also fireproof to ensure all-round protection for items inside the bag. If you already have a safe box, Jundun bags offer additional protection for your money and documents.


The bags measure 13.4 by 9.4 by 0.78 inches.

Features and benefits

  • Made from high-quality, durable materials.
  • The exterior can handle 1832F while the inner 1022F
  • Explosion-proof and has a flame-retardant thread
  • The hanging trap enhances portability
  • Comes with a 2-year after-sales service

Book Diversion Safe

Dictionary Diversion Book Safe with Key Lock

Beside Tire Foam, Kyodoled is another brand offering safes disguised as something familiar. It is a metal box that takes the shape of a dictionary. It has a generous depth to safely hold your jewelry, watch, and passport, among other things. It also features a key lock for additional security.

The book safe is available in small and medium sizes, and you can go for blue or black color. Easily integrate it on your shelf with other books, and get an inconspicuous way to store your valuables. It includes two locks, combination and key, which enhance the safety of your items.


If you go for the large safe, it measures 9.5 by 6.1 by 2.2 inches. It is an ideal purchase, as it provides ample space for several things. However, you can also buy the smaller version.


  • Usable outdoors and indoors
  • Made from durable, steel materials
  • Has two locks for maximum security
  • Is compact and strong

Secret Book Hidden Safe with Combination Lock

Do you need a diversion safe with real book pages? Wishacc offers such a model. The cover has the inscription Love With Your Whole Heart. When you open the book, you come across a few pages but deeper into it, you get a hidden compartment to store different things.

Wishacc includes a combination lock to keep your valuables safe. The product is not self-locking, so do not worry about locking keys inside or misplacing them. Besides, the interior has an elegant design, and the whole case looks like any other book on your shelf.


The book safe measures 5.9 by 8.66 inches, while the inside storage area is 3.94 by 6.57 inches.

Benefits and Features

  • Feels and looks like a real book
  • Allows easy access to your items
  • Sturdy with a real book weight
  • Made of metal for durability
  • Highly portable

Hollowed Out Book with Hidden Secret Compartment

Besides Kyodoled and Wishacc, Kaslvox is another brand providing book safes. It has the name Holy Bible’ written on top of it. Use this hollowed out case to store jewelry, money, and keys.

The product is available in small, large, and extra-large sizes, and the manufacturer uses empty, real pages in making it. However, it is hand-assembled, and the leather-like cover helps in concealing the safe so you can add it to your bookshelf. With the combination lock, you have an easier time accessing the contents of the safe.


The small safe dimensions are 6.5 by 3.75 by 1.38 inches, while the whole book is 8.6 by 5.9 by 1.7 inches.

Features and Benefits

  • Travel-friendly and portable
  • Available in a unique design
  • High-quality and available in three sizes

Diversion Safe for Travel

Key Diversion Safe

Stash-it makes a car key fob that allows you to easily and discreetly carry things such as money and meds in it. The small print enhances convenience, for instance, when you do not want to carry around an entire wallet.

The safe seamlessly blends in with other keys, so it does not attract any attention. Who would stop you to check your key fob? Use it at home, on the go, or at a hotel to hide valuables, including a USB, pills, and jewelry. To open the case, pop it from the bottom using a nail file or penny. The sides snap together.


The size of the key safe is 2.6 by 1.2 by 0.5 inches.

Features and Benefits

  • Has more room than typical key fobs
  • Ideal for tiny stash and does not require batteries
  • Has a practical, discreet, and clever design
  • Simple to use, as it has no locks to open
  • Incorporates a solid construction

Hidden Bra Wallet

Available in pink and black colors, the Zero Grid bra wallet has space for your passport, money, credit cards, and keys. Besides, it fits any bra size to provide concealed storage for various items. The extra-long elastic strap fits bra sizes of up to DD+ bra sizes 4.5’’ bandwidth.

The travel wallet consists of nylon material and has a double snap design to keep your valuables intact. Use it when touring places ad in crowded areas to safeguard your money, keys, and jewelry. If items are stolen from the bra case, you activate the exclusive assurance the brand offers and get up to USD 300 reimbursement.


This unique wallet for women has a 4.3 inches height and 3.5 inches width.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes two recovery tags to help get back lost items
  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Made of soft nylon-spandex material
  • Attaches securely to your belt loop or bra
  • Hand and machine-washable

Concealed Travel Pouch and Passport Holder

Zero Grid offers another case suitable for everyone, male and female. The neck wallet has RFID blocking and compartments to help you organize your things. That way, you do not have to fish around for money, passport, or keys.

You can get the wallet in four different colors, including grey and green. It has zippers and a hook and loop closure to secure the various items you are carrying. With the in-built RFID blocking, the product protects your belongings from pickpockets. Like the previous Zero Grid product, the neck wallet comes with the exclusive assurance and free for life tracking of lost items.


The wallet measures 5.7 by 7.5 inches and can hold four passports and six credit cards.

Features and Benefits

  • Made of water-resistant, ripstop nylon
  • Has a breathable back that wicks away moisture
  • Usable under clothing, on a belt, or around the neck
  • Includes three zippered slots
  • Has a soft neck strap
  • Offers flexible storage
  • Reliable with a durable design

Diversion Safe Hair Brush

You can hide your valuables in anything in your house, even your hairbrush. Stash-it has designed such a safe, so as you brush your hair, you also have storage space for valuables. It is usable for storing money, necklaces, and pills, and features a secret detachable lid. The manufacturer also provides a free smell-proof bag.

You can keep up to 30 rolled bills in the hairbrush safe, which has bristles made of boar hair. It will look like any other item in your beauty products collection, but only you know the secret! The improved 2019 model has a sturdier handle to ensure it does not break.


Stash-it diversion safe measures 4.5 inches deep and 1.25 inches wide.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides discreet storage space
  • The false top unscrews to present a diversion safe
  • Does not draw attention
  • Serves as a 2-in-1 product

Diversion Safe Water Bottle

While a hairbrush provides room for a few things, a water bottle that poses as a diversion safe provides more space. Stash-it offers you a water bottle safe if you liked the brush model. Use it to store money, jewelry, and keys at home or when on the go.

The tumbler safe is made from stainless steel and has a stunning appearance. The brand includes a bonus smell-proof bag in the package for additional storage space. The bottom of the safe unscrews to allow you to keep different things. Use it as a drinking bottle and a case for valuables.


Note that the water bottle safe measures 2.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep.

Features and Benefits

  • Has a stylish, durable design
  • Includes a leak-proof, air-tight lid
  • Provides a 16oz water capacity
  • Fits into an ordinary cup holder
  • It is BPA-free

Diversion Wall Safe 

Diversion Safe Picture Frame

Another creative place to hide your stash is a picture frame. Miliamp is one of the brands offering such a storage space and includes a free pouch in the package. It has a spectacular appearance that looks excellent in any décor.

Install the beautiful Miliap picture frame on your wall and use the safe inside it to safeguard your money, passport, keys, watch, necklaces, and rings. It looks stunning at home and the office and has a black and white color combo. The product does not have a lock but offering a unique hiding spot for your valuables.


The safe provides a space of 5.75 inches width, 7.25inches length, and 1.3 inches depth.

Features and Benefits

  • Has an interior that muffles sound
  • Includes compartments to organize storage
  • Comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Fits a 4 by 6 picture
  • Provides a tremendous disguised safe

Concealed Medicine Cabinet

Are you looking for a safe for keeping your medications? Krugg is such a product. It features a hidden medicine cabinet and a picture frame door to display photos and other types of art. The brand is available in eye-catching colors, including espresso, rustic gray, coffee bean, silver, contemporary, and shaker white.

The safe is handcrafted from US hardwoods to provide you with a beautiful addition to your space. Besides, the lacquer finish is resistant to moisture, which fosters the longevity of the cabinet. Mount the cabinet into the rough opening, and the hinges can be on whichever side. That way, the door opens in either direction for convenience. The safe looks great in any room, including your bathroom, kitchen, or living room.


The dimensions for Krugg are 18 inches height by 14 inches width by 3.75 inches depth.

Features and Benefits

  • Entails two quality beveled glass shelves
  • Shelves are adjustable to seven heights
  • Plexiglass front provides additional artwork protection
  • It does not include artwork
  • The door is reversible

Carved Burnt Wood Concealment American Flag

Burnt Standard American provides a concealment cabinet to help you portray your patriotism. Take advantage of the discreet design to store your valuables. The product is handcrafted in Arizona in a veteran-owned establishment.

The woodworkers and craftspeople design the safe to last longer. Behind the flag, you will find a hinged compartment. It has a 2.25-inch thick foam to protect your items from damage and keep them in place. Besides, the hinged door keeps the safe closed when you hang it. The package includes mounting screws, a foam cutter, and instructions.


The burnt flag safe measures 13 by 24 by 3.75 inches and the compartment 11.25 by 21.5 inches.

Features and Benefits

  • Has a magnetic lock
  • Incorporates a large magnet
  • Veteran designed and high-quality
  • Functional and attractive
  • Made from hand-selected pine, maple, and birch
  • Durable with a bold look

Professional Grade Wall Safe

Manufacturers continue providing creatively made products. Besides disguising them as hairbrushes and picture frames, Professional Grade provides a model that looks like an air vent but behind it is storage space. Use it to store jewelry, money, keys, and other valuables.

The model consists of a false wall, so burglars cannot see through the vents and inside your safe. Fix the case in between standard studs in minutes and start to enjoy the security this product provides. Use the included magnets to install the cover for easy access to safe contents or opt for the screws, which provide more security.


The safe cavity measures 13.5 inches width by 4.5 inches height by 3.5 inches depth.

Features and Benefits

  • Does not need special tools to install
  • Mountable behind a register or vent cover
  • Comes with a safe, false wall, and grille
  • The grille is paintable to match your decor

Wall Clock with Hidden Personal Storage Space

Copachi gives you an ingenious spot to keep your valuable, a wall clock. Unless a burglar knows the clock is your hiding area, there is no way they can guess you have your money, passport, or jewelry on the clock.

The wall clock safe has a stunning silver shade that adds beauty to your home. You can fix it in the kitchen, bedroom, or living area and utilize it as storage space for your wristwatch, money, or rings. Besides, it has three shelves to provide room for more items. Reading the clock is easy, as it has large figures and a sharp pointer.


The Copachi clock safe offers 3 inches of depth and has a 10-inch diameter.

Features and Benefits

  • Has two dividers that provide 2.75-inch tall spaces
  • Does not include screws and an AA battery
  • Simple but elegant design
  • Has a sturdy structure with plastic and plexiglass material
  • It tells you the time

Stuffed Animal Diversion Safe

Plush Animal with Hidden Opening to Secure Valuables offers a plush, diversion safe that has a spacious interior for sting various items. Add this animal safe to your collection of stash cases and get to hide more stuff in ordinary things.

Put your valuables in the lion safe and close it using the zipper and Velcro. The manufacturer includes a T-shirt for the animal to make it a more inconspicuous stash case and cover the concealed Velcro opening. The opening in the back is hidden with Velcro, and you can remove the fiber to create more space for your items.


Note that, the product is an 8 by 6 by 15 inches safe.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a large storage capacity
  • The zipper closes the safe while Velcro covers it
  • Has an adorable look yet functional
  • Can be a wonderful gift for kids and adults

Concealment Diversion Safe

Rifle Diversion Safe

Do you have a rifle and need a discreet safe for it? Cedar Mill Fine provides a safe that resembles a guitar case. It has a stylish black look that looks fantastic wherever it is. Look like a rockstar as you go hunting or to the shooting range.

The guitar case incorporates pick and pluck foam cubes, which allow you to remove the extra foam and make cutouts to protect tools during transportation. It fits your rifle and several accessories. The roomy interior can carry your gun, cans, magazines, and additional parts. However, the black leather vinyl exterior and stainless steel feet give this case a spectacular appearance. You will love carrying it around.


Cedar Mill designs the case to be 42inches long and 17 inches wide.

Features and Benefits

  • Has a 2.5-inch deep pluckable foam
  • Made of lightweight, strong wood
  • Includes an elegant, fine finish on the interior
  • Guitar picks and leather jacket are not included
  • Has a classy, long-lasting design
  • Includes four layers of foam to allow 2D and 3D cutouts
  • Shock resistant and simple to clean

Diversion Safe Furniture

Display w/Hidden Storage and Lift Tabletop

If you have seen elegant safes, the tabletop model from Best Choice Products is much more. The coffee table suits any living room décor and has a secret storage space. It is available in espresso and white looks, and both colors are exquisite.

The product consists of metal and laminate particleboard. Besides, it has a modern look with a lift top feature. Use it in your study or dining area and enjoy the hidden storage area. Keep books, remotes, or magazines in the hidden compartment and the lower shelves. It is unlikely for an intruder to imagine that you store essential items in a table in your living room.


This BCP model has a 41-inch length, 19.25-28 width, and 19-24.5 height.

Features and benefits

  • Presents a smooth finish and contemporary design
  • Has an appearance suitable for any décor
  • Can hold items of up to 100lbs
  • Includes a durable frame and lamination
  • Stylish and high-quality

C-Table Drawer Concealment Furniture

If you are furnishing your home and need a nice spot to hide your valuables, consider the C-table from the Casual Home brand. It is made from pinewood, which fosters durability.

Store your items in the smooth gliding drawer at the bottom of the table. The company incorporates a magnetic locking mechanism to secure the contents of your safe at all times. Accessing the magnetic trigger is easy to provide instant access to the case’s interior. However, the C-shape is ideal for laptops and when having meals on the sofa, for example.


The safe measures 6.5 inches wide by 1.74 inches height by 12.75 inches depth

Feature and Benefits

  • Has a sturdy, lasting construction
  • Convenient and versatile
  • Blends in perfectly with any décor
  • Includes a solid wood texture with a natural feel
  • Presents a mocha design to enhance the elegance in a room

Fake Items to Hide Things In

Concealment Air Vent

If you loved the previous vent style safe, Guide Gear is offering you another option. Utilize it to secure your gun in an area where you can easily access it. It is a long-lasting model with reliable value.

Guide Gear air vent safe features a wood box that installs directly inside a wall between two studs. The frame attaches to the box through sliding rails with ball bearing. Quickly reach the hidden compartment when in a hurry, get the items you need, and head out.


With this safe, the dimensions are 16.5 by 9.5 by 4 inches.

Features and Benefits

  • Requires some assembly
  • Operates quietly, as it slides to open
  • Solid and made of quality metal
  • Has no lock but provides a fake vent to store things

Mega Bolt Diversion Safe

Are you looking for a unique safe? Companies have made all kinds of cases, including stuffed animals, hairbrushes, water bottles, and cans, but IGE Innovative is offering a mega bolt safe. It has a hollow container to enable you to keep various items secretly.

The safe takes the form of the old KGB dead drop’ used during the cold war. It has an O-ring lid to protect its contents from weather elements. You can store keys, money, SD cards, and jewels in the bolt, which has an interior glass vial to secure such items.


IGE designs the bolt to be 4 inches long with a 15/16 inch diameter.

Features and Benefits

  • Has a simple yet creative construction
  • Is a spy bolt that fits small valuables
  • Includes extra-large room and two-dram vials
  • Weatherproof with an air-tight seal

Fake Household Surge with Protector Decoy

The surge protector is another household device where you can hide money, jewelry, a watch, and other items. Streetwise Security provides a diversion safe that resembles a surge protector.

It incorporates a safety on/off switch that glows red. Do not worry. It is not a working protector surge. To make this safe look real to strangers, add up to 6 cords onto it and plug into the wall outlet. Relax. No current flows through this tool, as it is a fake surge protector.


Safe compartment measures 6 by 2 by 0.75 inches.

Features and Benefits

  • Package includes two AA batteries
  • Has a 90-day warranty
  • Well-built and easy to use
  • Made of a unique design

Barbasol Can Safe

Do you remember the Tire Foam diversion safe we discussed earlier? Barbasol 30007C takes almost a similar look. The brand uses a genuine product container (shaving cream) and remakes it into a secret storage tool.

Barbasol would be a special gift to a loved one. Screw off the bottom to access the safe for storing items at home, when on the go, and at the office. The product has a convincing look that easily fools people, including airport attendants, when they check luggage.


Regarding dimensions, this safe is 10.7 by 4.5 by 3.4

Features and Benefits

  • Looks like a real shaving cream bottle
  • Easy to utilize and requires no assembly
  • Takes up little space in your travel bag
  • Has an air-tight lid

Liquid Wrench Diversion Can Safe

Besides shaving cream and tire foam container safes, you can also go for the Liquid Wrench can from Southwest Specialty. The bottle usually contains penetrating oil, but the brand remanufactured it to serve as a can safe.

Like the shaving cream safe, you screw off the bottom of this product to get storage space. Safely keep keys, money, and jewelry in the safe and have peace of mind. You can also use it while outdoors in an RV or a boat.


The can safe has an 8.6-inch height, while the overall dimensions are 2.5 by 8.4 inches. The inside depth is 4 inches and a 1.75 inside diameter.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides adequate room for cash and other stashes
  • Has a secure lead to prevent damage of items
  • The inside has no traces of the oil
  • Lightweight with a threaded plastic container on the inside
  • High-quality and simple to utilize

Hide a Key Garden Squirrel

If you need a place to hide your keys, Geekia offers a squirrel shape key hider. Keep an extra key in the case outside your home so you can never be locked out of your house. Besides, you can direct a friend on where to find it in case of an emergency.

It integrates well with your garden or lawn, and you can also have the squirrel safe inside your home. Nonetheless, it features high-grade polyresin material, which is water and wear-resistant to ensure longevity. The product has a tray at the bottom and is usable for small gadgets such as a TF card and U disk.


It measures 5.45 by 2.95 by 4.33 inches.

Features and Benefits

  • Takes a life-like squirrel design convincing to unsuspecting strangers
  • The sliding panel fosters ease of use
  • Has a key-sized opening to let you store small items
  • Its sturdy and has a cute look
  • Blends well with plants and rocks
  • Made to last

Secret Jewelry and Keepsake Storage Compartment

Great Useful Stuff (G.U.S.) offers you a sweater bin to help you organize your closet. However, the bin also has a secret jewelry compartment to give you easy access to what you need. It entails dropping front bins that allow you to organize your washcloths, shirts, towels, and sweaters better.

The sweater bin has a fabric flap, which you pull open to expose a jewelry tray that has set aside spots for rings, necklaces, earrings, and watches. Keep your valuables away from unauthorized individuals. The storage box is sturdy to ensure you have clothes in solid stacks. Besides, it has a set of pre-printed tags that assist you in organizing clothes in an order you prefer.


The jewelry tray measures 13 by 15 by 12.5 inches.

Features and Benefits

  • Made from high-quality material
  • Looks great in every closet
  • Provides neat tiers of clothes
  • Is a 2-in-1 closet organizer

Magnetic Locking Concealment Decoy Duck

Do you need another animal-looking safe besides a lion and squirrel? PS Products provides a decoy-duck safe. It is a great place to keep your stash.

The product as a magnetic locking mechanism and is beautifully hand-painted. However, the cherry finish adds to its beauty. Use the shell magnet to release the inside lock and access your valuables.


However, the inside of the safe is 9 by 6 by 2 inches.

Features and Benefits

  • Has an easy to open lock
  • It is well-made and designed
  • Spacious enough for pistols
  • Incorporates creative craftsmanship


You should have a diversion safe in your home instead of a regular one. It provides secure storage for vital documents, jewelry, keys, money, and pills in places where an intruder is unlikely to think of as a safe. Safeguard your valuables and keep your meds away from children and other people. We have discussed 30 diversion different safes to consider purchasing. You should find one that best suits your needs and get to store various items safely. You can also buy several safes to help you organize items better.

Best 3 Water Filter Bottles For Hiking

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[/wpsm_box]If you intend to travel for several days to a place where clean water may not be available, you may need to carry a water filter. With so many options available, you might have some trouble picking the right water filter for the job. Don’t worry though. Having faced a similar problem in the past, I went through the trouble of comparing and trying out different options. And after thorough research, I have come up with a list of the three best water filter bottle for hiking.

Here are the top 3 water filter bottles for hiking we recommend:

  1. MSR Guardian Portable Water Purifier Pump
  2. Platypus GravityWorks 4.0L Water Filter System
  3. Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Things to consider before buying a water filter bottle

The average man needs to drink 3.7 liters of water daily while the average woman needs 2.7 liters. The amount may increase depending on the activities in which you engage.

A frequent hiker like you will need lots of water throughout the trip. It is utterly impossible to carry enough water for the entire trip especially if you are out for a couple of days. That means that you will have to source water from lakes, streams, snow run-off, etc. The problem is that this water is not usually safe.

The last thing you would want is to get sick during or after a hiking trip. The solution to this problem is to carry a water filter. You will use the filter to purify all water you drink. Getting a water filter is more convenient than carrying your water from home.

There are many water bottles on the market. How do you ensure that you pick the perfect one? Here are a few things to consider before buying one.

Filtration versus purification

There’s a difference between a water filter and a water purifier. A water filter will mechanically push water through a filter and remove bacteria and protozoa. It will not remove viruses though. A purifier will remove bacteria, protozoa and kill viruses, too. It usually involves chemicals.

Weight of the water filter

Weight becomes a weighty issue when you are going on a long-distance trip. While you want access to clean and safe water during your hiking trip, you don’t want to be burdened by heavy equipment throughout the journey. You should buy an effective but light water filter bottle to cure this problem.

Speed of the water filter

The process of purifying water may take a few minutes or hours depending on the equipment. For example, water purifiers that rely on chemicals may take up to four hours to purify your water. Different water filters will have different speeds. Sometimes there’s a tradeoff between the weight and speed. Lighter filters may take longer as a result.

Capacity of the water filter

If you are more of a solo hiker, this may not concern you much. But if you’re hiking as a group, a water filter with a small capacity may not make much sense unless you want to filter water the entire day. If you’re a large group, getting a water filter with a high water capacity is ideal.

MSR Guardian Portable Water Purifier Pump


This pump purifier is fast and easy to use. It provides added viral protection for people traveling to developing nations and various wilderness areas around the world. It has an advanced hollow fiber filter that enables it to purify even the filthiest drinking water. Its long-lasting performance coupled with its self-cleaning ability makes it one of the most efficient water filters around.


  • Weight 1 lbs 1.3 oz
  • Effective against bacteria, particulate, protozoa and viruses
  • Advanced Hollow Fiber
  • 0.02 Filter pore size (microns)
  • 10,000+ liters Cartridge life


  • It is super fast pumping 2.5 liters of water per minute
  • Pump self-cleans on every stroke, providing consistently fast flow rates with zero hassle—no backflushing or filter-scrubbing ever required.
  • The pump cleans itself after every stroke allowing for fast flow rates. No backflushing or filter-scrubbing is ever required.
  • It treats up to 10,000+ liters.
  • It’s Durable and is designed to withstand heavy use, harsh environments and freezing drops.
  • It is Effective Against 99.99% of viruses 99.9999% of bacteria and protozoa 99.9% of protozoa.

Platypus GravityWorks 4.0L Water Filter System

Platypus GravityWorks water filter makes cleaning water look effortless. All you have to do is fill the reservoir and leave the heavy lifting to gravity. The water filter cleans water faster than most other pump systems. It makes storing, transporting and dispensing of water easier. Platypus GravityWorks water filter meets NSF and EPA guidelines for the removal of protozoa and bacteria.


  • Filters up to 1.75 liters per minute
  • Up to 1,500 liters of water filter lifetime
  • It meets all EPA & NSF guidelines. It can remove 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa*.
  • 8-liter total capacity (4.0L filtered + 4.0L dirty) that makes it ideal for supplying water to large groups.
  • It has hundreds of tiny, hollow fibers that allow the microfilter to filter the water faster than other traditional filters.


  • It is easy to use. No pumping is required. All you need to do is fill the dirty reservoir and leave it for gravity to do the heavy lifting.
  • It can deliver 4 liters of filtered water within 2.5 minutes without the need for pumping.
  • It has an 8-liter total capacity and can accommodate bigger groups or basecamps.
  • The system is Fast. It filters up to 1.75 liters every minute.
  • Easy to clean. It can be easily backflushed in just 4 seconds
  • It allows for easy collecting and dispensing

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

The Mini Water Filter from Sawyer is one of the lightest and most versatile water filters around. It weighs just two ounces and is small enough to fit in your hand. Its small size notwithstanding, the Mini Water Filter has passed one of the highest testing levels. It was tested to one million kinds of protozoa and 10 million kinds of bacteria without any breakthrough.

Because of its performance, size and convenience, the Sawyer Mini Filter is perfect for almost every situation from going camping together with the kids to taking trips to places where sources of water can never be trusted.


  • It can fit in the palm of your hand;
  • It weighs just 2 ounces
  • 0.1 Micron absolute hollow fiber membrane inline filter
  • Filter rated up to 100,000 gallons;
  • Includes a 7-inch drinking straw, 16-ounce reusable squeeze pouch and cleaning plunger


  • Perfect for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting, domestic and international travel and emergency preparedness
  • It has a total field weight of just 2 ounces and can fit in the palm of your hand
  • Removes (99.99999%) of all bacteria and (99.9999%) of all protozoa
  • perfect for everything from camping with the kids to traveling abroad
  • It is easy to backflush
  • There are no expensive cartridges to replace

In summary

Not every water source is contaminated, but there is usually no way to tell which water is safe to drink and which one isn’t. Having an abundance of caution never hurt anyone. Instead of risking contracting fatal illnesses, you should carry a water filter with you every time you go hiking.

But not all water filters are equal. The three water filter bottles I listed above are among the best in the market. They are efficient, easy to use and have excellent speed. Order one of them today and say goodbye to unsafe drinking water.

Find some cool outdoor gift ideas for adventurers, hiking, camping and gardening people.

There’s a Simple Way to Get Every Last Drop From a Bottle

I got tired of Throwing Away Bottles that weren’t Completely Empty.

Living in a world where the prices of products are higher than ever before, it feels like such a waste when you have to throw away a bottle of your favorite hair care product, or your favorite sauce when it’s not even empty, but what else can you do? It’s a problem we all have. Sometimes you add water to that ketchup bottle just to get more out, or you hit the bottle until your hand hurts, but are these tricks actually solutions to the problem?

Beauty products often come in tiny bottles and cost a fortune, and you end up spending way more than you should because you just can’t get all of the product out of the bottle. Weeks later you have to go back to the store and buy the same product all over again. Think of all the money you could save if you could use all of what’s in that bottle?

I Found a Simple Solution to this Problem

The name of the product is called Flip-it Cap. Flip it cap is such a genius money-saving hack. This product fits on 95% of all bottles, so you can use it with all sorts of household products. They’re all washable and reusable, so after purchasing the kit of Flip-It Caps, you can essentially earn back all the money you spent on the Flip-It Cap, by saving money on all of the bottles that you don’t have to throw out.

The amount of money and time you save is entirely up to you depending on the number of bottles you apply this product to. You can save yourself countless trips to the store, and save yourself money on purchases that you don’t actually need to make.

How to Use Flip-It Cap

  • Remove the bottle’s cap and throw it away
  • Choose the correct sized adaptor/gasket and twist it onto the bottle
  • Twist the base onto the adaptor
  • Flip the bottle over and let gravity do the work
  • Dispense your product out of the bottle
  • When the bottle is completely empty, remove the parts and put them in the dishwasher
  • Then, apply the parts to a new bottle

Flip it cap – (Amazon)


  • Washable and reusable
  • Inexpensive
  • Fits on 95% of bottles
  • Less mess
  • Easy to use. Just put it on and let gravity do the work
  • Tripod stand so your bottles don’t fall over


  • Doesn’t fit on all bottles
  • Doesn’t work with bottles that don’t squeeze
  • Must be used with a bottle, and not with jars, containers, etc.

Key Features

It’s easy to order through Amazon. With this particular kit, you get 6 of the tripod shaped bases which are purple. You also get 6 adaptors which connect the tripod base to the bottle. Out of the 6 adaptors you get two of each size, so there’s two red adaptors, two yellow ones, and two orange ones. You also get 12 gaskets, and a mesh bag to store everything. With this particular kit you have all of the necessary parts to apply the Flip-It Cap to six different bottles in your home at one time.

You could also select a kit with more pieces from the Flip-It Cap website. There are other products that claim to offer similar results, but what sets with Flip-It Cap apart is its universality, ease of use, less mess, and tripod shape. Simply replace the cap on nearly any bottle in your home, flip it upside down, and save money by getting all of the product out of your bottle.

Use it for Your Business

The Flip-It Cap could potentially be used for more than just household products to help save money. If you own a business like a salon or restaurant, this product could save you lots of money. For example, hair salons often use the same products throughout the day on their clients. By applying the Flip-It Cap to shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, your salon could save money on these products.

Restaurants could also save money by applying the Flip-It Cap to the ketchup and mustard bottles left at the tables for patrons to use. If the Flip-It Cap is applied to each of these bottles, an enormous amount of money could be saved. In addition, the restaurant-goers will be saved the time and energy of whacking a near empty ketchup bottle just to get a dribble of ketchup for their food.

Use it for Your Family

This is the perfect product for families. Large families often go through food products, cleaning products, and hygiene products quickly, meaning lots of trips to the store for mom or dad. The Flip-It Cap can be applied to bottles that get used the most, such as condiments, honey, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, sunscreens, and soaps.

In addition, because the product is so easy to apply and easy to use, all members of the family will be able to use their favorite products, regardless of their age. It’s also important to note that this product is BPA free, food safe, and dishwasher safe. This means that it’s completely safe for your family’s health, and it’s reusable, so once you buy the product you shouldn’t need to replace it.

Use it for Your Favorite Luxury Item

Sometimes you like to treat yourself with your favorite luxury items, and the Flip-It Cap will help you to use all of the product you love, to get the most out of your money. Apply the Flip-It Cap to you expensive lotions and creams, or even that expensive bottle of maple syrup.

Product Details

  • 4 basic neck sizes: 24, 28, 33, and 38 mm.
  • The adaptors are color coded by size
  • The parts are made of durable plastic

Could This Product Help You?

If you are often frustrated by throwing away bottles that still have product inside, then invest in Flip-It Cap to help yourself save time and money. When you throw away those bottles that still have product inside, you’re also throwing away your own money.

The Flip-It Cap is an easy solution. It’s easy to apply to the bottle and easy to use, it works with nearly all bottles, it cuts down on mess, it makes your bottle stand up on its own, and most important it saves you both time and money in the long run.

Flip it cap – (Amazon)